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Our Faculty & Staff at Edmonton Academy

Teachers are perhaps the most vital factor affecting the success of any educational program. For this reason, Edmonton Academy teachers are carefully chosen for their personal qualities of empathy, patience, and sincere interest in children, as well as their competence in the teaching profession. Our faculty members hold professional teaching certification in the Province of Alberta.

Our objectives are accomplished through positive student-teacher relationships, a low student-teacher ratio, and a highly structured, supportive learning environment.

Administration Staff

Laurie Oakes, B.A. B.Ed., M.Ed.
Director of Education and Principal

Elizabeth Richards
Executive Director

Lynn Archer
Administrative Assistant

Teaching Faculty

Lindsey Birrell
B.Ed Secondary Education with Distinction, Major English, Minor Special Education

Jordana Cohan
B.A. (Honours) Sociology; B.Ed., Special Education Part 1 and 2; ESL Part 1, Intermediate-Senior Division English

Megan Crowe
B.Ed. Elementary Education with a Minor in Special Education, Graduate Studies Certificate Early Childhood Education; M.Ed. Curriculum Studies

Christa Farmer-Shave
B.Sc./Ed., Minor Physical Education

Adam Love
B.P.E., B.Ed.

Chris Molstad

Kendall Cowley
B.F.A., B.Ed.

Brendan Smith
B. Ed. Secondary

Alison Garwood
B.Ed., Primary/Junior Division

Alice Song
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education - Combined

Sarah P. (Trish) Koning
B.A., Canadian History, English Minor
B.Ed., Social Studies, English Language Arts

Taryn Williams
B.Ed., Elementary - Generalist Degree