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Education for Your Child’s Bright Future

At Edmonton Academy, we are committed to providing students having specific learning disorders/disabilities with the support and assistance needed to succeed academically and socially while enjoying their learning experience.

Keep the Doors Open to Your Child's Academic Future with Edmonton Academy

Edmonton Academy, established in 1983, is an Alberta Education Designated Special Education Independent School for students in grades 3-12 who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disorder or learning disability.

The primary purpose of Edmonton Academy is to provide a high standard of specialized teaching in order to meet the needs of its students. As such, Edmonton Academy recognizes that students’ progress – academic, social, and emotional – is the ultimate measure of the school’s ability to meet its students’ needs.

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If you have questions about our education programs, enrollment application, or anything else regarding your child’s program at Edmonton Academy, call us today.

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Alberta Education Prescribed Curriculum

We follow the Alberta Education prescribed curriculum and use various multi-sensory techniques to teach students.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

We maintain a low student-teacher ratio to ensure effective education for our students.

Edmonton Academy Helped in My Overall Growth


“Edmonton Academy helped me increase my self-confidence, improve my social skills, build my social and scholastic strengths, and develop work habits to use outside of school.”

EA Grad, U of A Graduate

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