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Connect With Edmonton Academy Teachers & Students, Past & Present

Edmonton Academy was founded in 1983, and since then, a great number of students have attended the school. With the establishment of this Alumni link, our intent is to reconnect and establish relationships among alumni, providing a link between past students, Edmonton Academy and staff.

It is our hope to preserve the history and traditions of Edmonton Academy by providing opportunities to engage with the Edmonton Academy community and to support the school's mission and vision.

All former students, their parents, and former board members and staff are invited to create their profile in the Alumni Directory by completing the following information.

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The Alumni of Edmonton Academy

“Declan R. and I will be doing a speech at our old high school on Friday. The amount of impact the staff at EA and our parents have made to further our success is greatly appreciated and can’t be expressed enough. 

This will be the first of many. Our end goal is the hope to inspire many students to have potential in any field of science, even when you don’t think you have potential we believe you do!”

-Shoheb P.l, EA Graduate
Current Student of University of Alberta

Regular Visits from Graduates & Former Students

Graduates from our high school often reflect on the extra support and effort of the teachers that contributed to their learning and success. Graduates and former students visit Edmonton Academy on a regular basis. Many parents of past students continue their involvement with Edmonton Academy through donations, participation in fundraising events, volunteering or joining our Board of Directors.

Improved Self-Confidence & Social Skills

“Edmonton Academy helped me increase my self-confidence, improve my social skills, build my social and scholastic strengths, and helped me develop work habits to use outside of school.”

-EA Grad, University of Alberta Graduate

Alumni & Edmonton Academy

At Edmonton Academy, we believe in maintaining good relationships with our former students.

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