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Family Participation at Edmonton Academy

When you register a child to become a student at Edmonton Academy school you are part of a larger community working together to support our students and the school.  By virtue of registering a child at our school, you are a member of both the Edmonton Academy Society for Learning Disabled and the Edmonton Academy Fundraising Association (EAFA). As a society member you are committing to provide support to ensure that Edmonton Academy will thrive for years to come.


Edmonton Academy Society for Learning Disabled is the society which oversees the operations of the school and is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors are community members, outside of the current Edmonton Academy parent body, who govern the operation, growth, and sustainability of the school.

Edmonton Academy Fundraising Association is a newly formed parent society whose members include parents of all current Edmonton Academy students. Its primary purpose is to support large fundraising events which commonly require AGLC licensing (ie. casinos / raffles).  The EAFA society members' participation could include volunteering, working a casino shift, selling raffle tickets, and organizing/participating in other large fundraising events.


As Edmonton Academy is a non-profit charitable organization, parent tuition fees and government grants do not fully cover the basic costs of teaching a child at Edmonton Academy. As well, as an independent school, we do not qualify for many of the grants available to the to public-school system.  Therefore, additional avenues of funding such as fundraising and charitable donations are necessary to sustain the high quality of instruction for our students. These avenues are the reason Edmonton Academy has been operational for 40 years.


To ensure we have adequate resources to operate, we encourage our parents to donate to Edmonton Academy as well as be advocates for the school by seeking outside donations from contacts such as corporate sponsors, family, or friends. Edmonton Academy can provide sponsorship and donation pamphlets/letters upon request.  As well, charitable donation tax receipts are issued to all donors and parents who have donated greater than $20.00.

Donations are separate from any fundraising initiatives by either our Parents Advisory Council (PAC) or the EAFA.  PAC and EAFA's fundraising initiatives support the school's ability to enhance programming opportunities for our students such as school-wide field trips, cultural events, technology, prizes for contests, etc.

Upcoming Large Fundraising Events

Stay tuned for upcoming large fundraisers.

Help Our Endeavour

Get in touch with us to enroll your child in Edmonton Academy and participate in our endeavour.

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