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Our Goals for Our Students at Edmonton Academy

Edmonton Academy’s goals are to restore student confidence and make it possible for each student to progress steadily towards academic success using specialized teaching methods. 

This is accomplished by:

Raising self-esteem, confidence, and independence.
Using teaching strategies and supports which help each student minimize the effects of his or her specific learning disorder.
Developing independent work habits and transferable skills.
Encouraging personal discipline and a sense of structure for each student.
Providing the approved Alberta Education curriculum.

Rebecca B., Grade 11

A Proud Edmonton Academy Student

This painting represents how Edmonton Academy saved my life. Ever since I came to Edmonton Academy, my life has changed for the better. I now believe in my learning capabilities. My schooling experiences in the past have not been the best in public school. I was told I would never be able to go on to post-secondary; I was put into all the lowest classes and was even locked in a closet. I have always been an outcast, and not having teachers understand my learning disabilities. I grew up always behind everyone else with not being able to read and write as well as everyone else. Kids would bully me non-stop. At one point, it was so bad that the bully left a note saying, “You don’t belong here, go die in a hole”. And that is what the left side of my painting represents, the pain and struggle I have had in public. It represents how I feel in public school. I feel like the world is against me and I’m going to fail. 

When I came to Edmonton Academy, there were people who believed in me and gave me a chance even with my learning disability. They believed and helped me move past my past. I am now able to say I can do it and I have now lived up to my true potential. Edmonton Academy gave me hope that I will have a future and that is what the right side represents. It represents the happiness and care the teachers and staff give off. This school is like a breath of fresh air. It allows everyone to be who we are, and the teachers embrace our differences and believe in each kid. This school gives kids like me a chance to be great, not an outcast like in other schools, but a part of something great and I am proud to say I go to Edmonton Academy.

Made All the Difference

“My daughter attended Edmonton Academy for grades 10-12 and is graduating this year. My daughter has a learning disability (difference as I like to say) and is an intelligent girl. I found that she was lost in junior high because teachers didn't have time to work with her and she was flying under the radar. I believe that if she stayed in that system she would not have reached her full potential. This school gave her the chance to succeed. The teachers are amazing and go far above and beyond. I love that I can see she is learning by the dinner table conversations that we have. This school made all the difference for her.”

 - Parent of current student


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Specialized Strategies & Education Plan

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