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Special Features at Edmonton Academy

Edmonton Academy provides a learning environment where each student can close the gap between their capability and their achievement. We do this by providing these unique special features in our school.

Individualized Support and Tutoring

To address the needs of our students, we offer a very high level of individualized teacher support. This is demonstrated through our average student to teacher ratio for language arts and math of 6:1 and 12:1 for the integrative subjects. Teachers are available for tutoring Monday – Thursday, after school and/or at lunchtime.

Assistive Technology

Technology is often used in schools to enhance learning for students. Edmonton Academy utilizes this technology as an equalizer for students. Assistive technology software and features remove barriers and increase a student’s ability to gain independence.

Self-Regulation and Self-Regulated Learning

Students often have sensory, attention, or regulation needs which makes learning challenging. Zones of Regulation strategies are used school-wide and implemented based on the class or individual student needs. We provide daily physical education for all students’ movement needs and additional regulation breaks can be added to a child’s program. Our environment provides multiple quiet spaces for learners who require this support.

Our long-term goal is for our students to begin to become self-regulated learners. This involves recognizing their own regulation and determining which strategies will work for them to learn and produce their best work.

Specialized Reading Intervention

We use a multisensory reading/spelling intervention program to support our students who are struggling with the reading processes. Our program is very successful at moving students from the early stages of reading to becoming fluent and independent readers at their grade level.

Daily Learning Strategies

Students in grades 3 – 9 have daily learning strategies for the implementation of compensatory and remedial programming. Ongoing assessment of student learning needs allows us to group students according to specific skill development. Every four weeks, student progress is reviewed to determine continued growth or need for support in other areas.

Utilizing Students’ Strengths & Interests

It is often through exploring our interests and strengths that we can begin to envision our possibilities or potential future careers. Our students work very hard in their academic subjects. Therefore, we have dedicated specific time to allow them to explore a deep inquiry by pursuing passion projects.

Targeted Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are key skills that are constantly used in our daily lives. Lack of development of these skills impacts our overall efficiency and functioning. We support our students by identifying executive skills that are areas for their growth and teach them strategies to build these competencies.

Self-Regulated Learning

We help children become self-regulated learners.

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