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Donations: Be a Part of Our School Community

As a non-profit society and registered charity, Edmonton Academy invites corporations, individuals, foundations, and service clubs to be a part of our community. The money raised through your donation goes directly to support programming for students with learning disorders/disabilities. For some of our students, a donation to our bursary fund allows the possibility for them to attend our school, therefore sponsorship is welcomed.

We provide a charitable donation tax receipt for any donations over $20.00.

If you or your organization would like to make a donation, please contact us at 780-482-5449.

Thank you for your support!



Door-to-door bottle collection

Support our ongoing bottle drives by visiting SkipTheDepot


Our next casino event will be in January 2026.  

people running

Fun Run

Donate to Us

If you would like to support our school, please contact us.

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