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Our Faculty & Staff at Edmonton Academy

Teachers are perhaps the most vital factor affecting the success of any educational program. For this reason, Edmonton Academy teachers are carefully chosen for their personal qualities of empathy, patience, and sincere interest in children, as well as their competence in the teaching profession. Our faculty members hold professional teaching certification in the Province of Alberta.

Our objectives are accomplished through positive student-teacher relationships, a low student-teacher ratio, and a highly structured, supportive learning environment.

Administration Staff

Jill Melnyk, B.Ed., M.Ed. Director of Education and Principal
Victoria Morisbak, B.Comm., MBA Executive Director
Mackenzie Bruce, B.Ed., M.Ed., Elementary Programming Support Coordinator / Teacher
Brenda Wiebe Administrative Assistant

Teaching Faculty

Terynn Jensen B.Ed., Elementary

Lindsey Birrell

B.Ed. Secondary Education with Distinction, Major English, Minor Special Education

Bradley Steinbring B.Ed., Secondary

Nadine El-Hajj


On Maternity Leave

Marcus Godfrey

B.Ed., Social Studies, Special Needs Education

Madison Chambers

B.A., B.Ed.

Trish Lansen 

B.A., B.Ed., Social Studies

On Maternity Leave

Brian Lien

B.Ed., Post Baccalaureate Diploma Special Education

Chris Molstad B.Ed.

Pamela C. Ollenberger

M.F.A., B.F.A., B.Ed., I.D.T., Visual Arts, Social Studies Minor

Madison Wilson

B.SW, B.Ed.

Keeley Richter

B.Ed. (Generalist Major, Special Ed. Minor)

Katrina Schoepp

B.Ed. Secondary Major Social Studies, Minor English

Jessica Robertson

 B.Ed., Elementary

Taryn Mayko


On Maternity Leave

Dylan Leaney

B.Ed. (Mathematics specialization)

Lujia Cai

BSc. (Math./Biological Sci.), B.Ed., Secondary (Mathematics/Biology)

Madeline Tremblay


Educational Assistant

Grateful to My Edmonton Academy Teachers

“I am thankful every day that the teachers at the Edmonton Academy were in my life. The Academy has given me a future.”

Edmonton Academy Grad

Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

At Edmonton Academy, we believe in creating a supportive learning environment for the students.

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