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Accepting Applications for the 2023-2024 school year beginning in January 2023 

Vision Statement

Edmonton Academy is a centre of excellence in Alberta and wherever the need exists for students with learning disabilities, their families, and other stakeholders, by providing comprehensive, innovative, educational programs designed to meet their needs.

Mission Statement

To provide a specialized educational environment for students with learning disabilities, enabling them to become successful learners.

Cedric M., Gr. 10


The individual who is learning disabled can learn, be educated, have a right to that education and accommodations that will allow them to reach their potential. Education Academy recognizes the importance of the whole child by also fostering their psycho-social development.


Edmonton Academy believes that each student deserves to fulfill his or her academic potential and to enjoy confidence in the ability to achieve. Teaching, which is governed by the needs of the individual child, is essential for the student with learning disabilities and is often not possible in conventional school. Previous failure in schools need not be permanent.

A Tiger Symbolizes Inner Strength

“At my old school, I didn’t think I was a very good student. Everyone else seemed to be at a higher level than me. I thought I couldn’t learn. When I came to Edmonton Academy, I found my inner strength. I was finally at the same level as everyone else and learning wasn’t stressful.

When I found out I had a learning disability, I thought I was the unluckiest person. But now I know I am a lucky person because we are all special in our own way and we should all learn to accept ourselves.”

Tyanna K., Grade 7

Specialized Educational Environment

We help students learn effectively and gain their confidence back.

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Edmonton Academy Helped in My Overall Growth

“Edmonton Academy helped me increase my self-confidence, improve my social skills, build my social and scholastic strengths, and develop work habits to use outside of school.”

EA Grad, U of A Graduate

Truly Appreciate the Teachers at Edmonton Academy

“I am thankful every day that the teachers at the Edmonton Academy were in my life. The Academy has given me a future.”

EA Grad

Helped My Child Grow Into a Strong Independent Learner

“Edmonton Academy is a unique and specialized learning institution. We have watched our child grow into a strong, independent learner. Her newly found confidence is helping her achieve goals we never thought possible. We are excited to watch her create her future with the tools she has learned here.”

Parent of a Current Student

Edmonton Academy Laid The Foundation for Success

“My son attended Edmonton Academy from Grades 7-12 inclusive. He received a focused, individual and thorough educational experience. His experience at Edmonton Academy laid the foundation for success in a post-secondary University environment. The staff are dedicated, friendly and affable.”

EA Grad 2019, University of Alberta student

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Check out our documentation requirements.

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Make a donation to our bursary fund to benefit children of need.

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2022-2023 school year 


We have developed a program for elementary, junior high and high school success.

Connect with alumni, former faculty, and current students and staff.

Connect with alumni, former faculty, and current students and staff.

Call today with your questions and concerns.

Call today with your questions and concerns.

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Unit 2-810 Saddleback Rd NW

Edmonton,AB T6J 4W4




Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday Closed

For summer hours, please contact the office

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